If You Got One of Those Postcards From Tim Dunning, Remember to Vote This Year!

Still no response from the Douglas County sheriff regarding the bullying extra-legal postcard he sent to all former SOs (click here for details). (We also have yet to hear from the state attorney general regarding the Douglas County practice of refusing to provide you with documentation of your verification visit).

Many of us have already decided that we’re not going to vote for Tim Dunning this year.

Remember that in Nebraska, felons are eligible to vote automatically two years after they have completed their sentences. All former SOs who are eligible to vote need to become active in their local elections, ESPECIALLY THE SHERIFF ELECTIONS. The ballot box is where you express your opinion regarding the way your sheriff has been treating you.

The Douglas County sheriff’s term ends this year and he has to be re-elected to keep his job.

Click here for important dates.

Click here for information on your voting rights.

Nebraskans Unafraid will keep you updated on election races and provide you with information on each candidates’ beliefs and behavior regarding former SOs. We invite you to use the comments section on this website to share your opinions as well. Remember that under current Nebraska law, our numbers are growing fast and we can make a difference with our votes.

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