Phoenix TV Station Has a News Reporter Who Asked Real Questions and Did Actual Reporting on the Halloween Hoax

That’s right: It is news when a TV news department does actual reporting on the Halloween Hoax.

Third in a Series by Eddie Sidgeweck

Congratulations to news reporter Jason Barry of KPHO-TV in Phoenix. Unlike the bubbleheads who robotically mouth lies on the air about former sex offenders each Halloween, Barry actually did some reporting.

The first four paragraphs of Barry’s story:

PHOENIX (CBS5) – It’s something you hear about every Halloween – to be on the lookout for convicted sex offenders preying on Valley children.

But CBS 5 News has learned that the Halloween sex offender scare may be just a myth.
CBS 5 News contacted law enforcement agencies in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale and Surprise.

None of the police departments have reported any problems involving a sex offender and children on Halloween, over the past five years.

Barry went on to quote University of Delaware Professor Joel Best, who said that the sex offender scare on Halloween is completely unnecessary and there is no concrete evidence that Halloween sparks extra sex crimes.

“Halloween is supposed to be scary holiday, so what happens is, we’ve stopped believing in ghosts and goblins, but we believe in criminals,” Best said. “You’re imagining someone so crazy that he hurts kids at random, but he is so tightly wrapped up, that he only does it one night a year. It doesn’t add up.”

Recently in Nebraska, two university studies of the former sex-offender population have exploded the lie that former sex offenders require periodic home-invasive compliance checks. Are these home-invasive checks actually warranted? Or are they as stupid as the Halloween Hoax sex-offender patrols?
We’re going to find out.

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