Wildly Inaccurate Lies and Deceptions (WILD) Citation Goes to Erin Murray of WOWT-Channel 6 in Omaha

TV copy-reader Erin Murray of WOWT-Channel 6 in Omaha, Nebraska, is the winner of the first Nebraskans Unafraid Wildly Inaccurate Lies and Deceptions (WILD) Citation.

The WILD Citation recognizes the promulgation of wrong, strange and outdated ideas regarding former sex offenders while ignoring research data and all of the truthful information that is available on the subject.

Murray is selected for the WILD Citation because she reported the Halloween Hoax as “news.” The Halloween Hoax is the notion that registrants pose a danger to kids on Halloween. This is quite a feat because Nebraskans Unafraid/FACTS provided local media outlets including WOWT with factual information and a request to report accurate information about recent UNO research that shows former sex offenders are extremely unlikely to reoffend.

In addition to her suitable-for-framing WILD Certificate, Murray also will receive:

  • A copy of an actual real news article about the Halloween Hoax by Emily Horowitz, Associate Professor of Sociology, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, N.Y., which will educate as well as serve as a good example to Murray.
  • A copy of the UNO research study that disproves the assumptions underlying the Halloween Hoax.
  • A complimentary one-year subscription to the NU newsletter Ninety-Five%.
  • Contact information for individuals who can provide her with accurate information about former sex offenders.
Congratulations and Happy Halloween, Erin!

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