Meet Our Writers: Introducing ‘Eddie Sidgeweck’

FACTS / NU wants to do a better job of engaging the readers of this blog and our other materials. To that end, we have assembled a number of registrants or registrants’ family members who will contribute under pen names. Here’s the second of our writers:
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From “Eddie Sidgeweck”:

Like Gus, Eddie Sidgeweck is a pen-name. I will post my own thoughts to this blog on topics that apply to former offenders like me, as well as those who might not be so much like me.

I am a parent who is trying to rebuild a life, make a living and be a good citizen. I took full responsibility for my offense, completed my sentence with no additional offenses and I am moving on. I excuse neither myself nor any other offender. I also believe that once an offender has completed a sentence that it is time for the punishment to end. Has to do with a novel legal concept called ex post facto that Nebraska lawmakers have decided just does not apply to former sex offenders.

If you are reading this, you know that Nebraska law makes it nearly impossible for you to move on. You know that Nebraska law not only punishes you for life, but it does the same to your family members, friends and work colleagues. My posts will be aimed at showing that you are not alone in this, and that we can move on no matter how tough it seems.

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