Overreaction is the New Norm

Or, How Nobody has any Common Sense Anymore

First of Three from “Gus”:

It’s a sad fact that nobody who works with children can take a joke these days. In the realm of educators and the administration of schooling, grown-ups need to have a love for that line of work and a  ton of understanding. Why? Because kids do dumb things.
When a kid does something patently dumb, it’s the job of parents (primarily) and school employees to use dumb decisions as a teaching opportunity. At least, it used to be.  In 2013 America the idea that shaping children into responsible adults (in an environment where mistakes are identified, corrected, and punished appropriately), is almost gone.
Take for instance three middle-school boys from Millard, a suburb of Omaha. They wanted to go outside and hang out and play war with their Airsoft guns. The fact that these boys wanted to be out in the fresh air, getting some entertaining exercise, should seem like a win, right? Problem was: they decided their battle ground would be their neighborhood elementary school yard.
Since it was 6:30 p.m., the young kids were out of school. This didn’t matter. School district policy was to expel these boys, because it treats Airsoft guns, Paintball guns, and lethal firearms the exact same way.
If you don’t know what Airsoft guns are, they are toy guns that shoot small spherical plastic pellets which sting a tad, but don’t really hurt. However, because they hurl things at a relatively high velocity through the air, and are shaped like real firearms, purchasers of these toys must be 18+ at Walmart.
My son wanted one last year. Instead of turning him down flat, I did it this way: he supplied all the money for the toy. Then he had to shoot me with it before he was allowed to play war with his friends using it. That’s right, he shot me with his Airsoft gun from about 4 feet away. No welt, bruise, or mark of any kind. 

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