Welcome to Nebraskans Unafraid!

Nebraskans Unafraid (NU) is a grass-roots organization that works to make our communities safer. We believe the right to safety extends to registered people and their loved ones. We oppose Nebraska’s state-sanctioned violence against groups of people. We work to change the draconian laws that incite violence, deprive people of their jobs, homes and family lives. We educate the public about how to achieve safe communities.

Nebraskans Unafraid’s initiatives include FEARLESS, monthly gatherings for Registered People and their loved ones, where they can connect with others who are in similar circumstances and learn about how to survive and thrive despite the public-shaming registry. Through our Compassion Initiative outreach, we provide support and referrals to help Registered People find jobs, housing, spiritual support and social contacts.

Remember Safe and Just Nebraska and Nebraskans Unafraid in Your Giving Plans

Nebraskans Unafraid and Safe and Just Nebraska, Inc. provide help, support and community, largely because of your ongoing support.

Safe and Just Nebraska is one of the organizations you may designate to support through a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. Click here for details on how to do that.

There are other opportunities to support these two organizations that advocate for you and give you a voice.

December 1 is Giving Tuesday, and this is our request for you to remember Safe and Just Nebraska and Nebraskans Unafraid in your year-end giving plans.

Safe and Just Nebraska exists to help people who are disadvantaged or whose safety is threatened because of a previous contact with the criminal justice system. Nebraskans Unafraid is one of the organizations that benefits from funds given to Safe and Just Nebraska.

The Safe and Just Nebraska fundraising priorities can be viewed and donations can be made online by clicking here.

You may donate directly to Nebraskans Unafraid by clicking here.If you prefer to funnel your support through the Giving Tuesday initiative, you will find more information about that initiative by clicking here.



The purpose of the Saturday meeting is to provide an alternative for people who are unable to travel to the FEARLESS meeting on the third Monday of the month. But since we’re meeting on Zoom, there’s no need for a second meeting until we actually start meeting in the real world.

FEARLESS will meet at 7 p.m. on Monday, November 1`6, on Zoom. Our guest on Monday will be Lincoln attorney Robert Creager. He will talk about the current state of the registry and about how legislation or court decisions could be useful.

If you wish to attend November’s FEARLESS online, send an email to nunafrd@gmail.com with your full name and a physical mailing address that we can verify.

When we have verified your information, we will send you the sign-in credentials you will need to attend the meeting. We apologize but this process is necessary for the safety and security of individuals who attend FEARLESS.